With deep roots in film, Meg’s photographs convey delight in the unrehearsed moment. A master of the medium, her images of unfussy elegance have helped redefine a genre.

With a calm and
graceful demeanor

Meg’s ability to capture intimate moments of beauty and joy has always set her apart. Her carefully honed skills allow her to be rooted in tradition, yet have the freedom to experiment with outcomes that are unconstrained and distinctive. With an eye trained to capture the decisive moment, and an eclectic arsenal of cameras, Meg produces images that are both timeless and unique.

“Thank you for your truly stunning photographs. We are so grateful to you and your team..and are in awe of what you were able to capture… In addition to the photos we are so grateful with how kind and thoughtful you and your team were. You were a very calming presence, which meant so much to us in a high-stress time. We are so happy (he) introduced us to you and that we will always have such incredible photographs from our wedding to look back on. We are so thankful and so grateful.”

Named a BRIDES magazine Best Photographer