With my little arsenal of cameras there is endless opportunity to capture the story of a wedding organically, allowing moments to present themselves, like fruit ripe for the picking. In times of chaos I am naturally calm, a characteristic that has served me well in this field. After photographing hundreds of weddings around the world, I’ve attained a high-level of expertise and experience. I think of a wedding as a classic play; I know the general story, but it’s a different theater and stage, in a different city, with a different cast. I think I know what will happen, but I don’t – it’s different every time. All I really know is that when I get the film back, it will surprise and delight me. The joy of film!

I’m also appreciating aspects of digital that can allow for ease-fulness and fluidity. And it’s with this approach I enter the wedding day; ready for anything and open to opportunities that present themselves; creating images of beauty and harvesting a bounty of moments that will become memories.


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Love Letters
We are so thankful for you. You have captured so beautifully and perfectly the most important moments of our lives. So much love,
Jessica and Rob