Love Letters
  • Wow, just went through these with Dad and we’re crying they’re so good! I started favoriting but then had to heart them all because I’m in love with each one! You were such an angel throughout the entire weekend, especially day of. You take the most incredible photographs - and my parents and I were gushing about how you were such an additive presence.
    — Genevieve (Planner Jocelyn Arelt)
  • We knew you were special the first time we met. Your poise, calm, and grace came through in the biggest way. You effortlessly made everyone feel comfortable - we think your striking beauty was a pleasant distraction for both the men and women looking back at the camera! We can't wait to relive the day with your beautiful work.
    — Erin & Jacob (Planner LMM Events)
  • Meg, our hearts are in a puddle on the floor. Thank you, for capturing exactly what that day felt like. You were such a gift to us. ...I can't get over these pictures. And can I just tell you, people are blown away by you lol. I just have this image of you strapped with three thousand cameras and THIS is why
    — Briana and Kris
  • These photos are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sending and for capturing everything so beautifully. We just spent a very long time looking over them all and remembering what a wonderful wedding day we had. We couldn't have fonder memories.
    Carolyn and Charles (Planner Kaella Lynn)
  • What a wonderful experience we had going through these over and over, reliving each and every piece of the day. What an extraordinary job you did capturing not just the big formal moments, but the small ones in between that really bring the event to life. How you captured all of it we don't know - seems like magic! We cannot thank you enough for this gift. Truly, truly, thank you!
    Andrew and Alessa (Planner Jenna Lam Events)
  • Thank you so much for being a part of our big day! We are so lucky to have you document the joy and emotions of our wedding...Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and friendship throughout this whole process. With all our love,
    Liz and Patrick
  • Meg, Thank you so, so, so much for everything! We can't put into words how much we love the photos. We feel they captured the day perfectly, and they are going to be so fun to look through for many many years down the road. You and your team were flawless and we appreciate it so much. Countless thanks. With so much love,
    Jess and Rob (Planner Julia Lake Parties!)
  • Meg, you are amazing. I am OBSESSED with the rehearsal fiesta photos! Love love love love love all of them! Thank you so much for your help with the photos and everything else. We are having so much fun reliving these memories...
    Meredith and Gordon (Planner Jesse Tombs/Alison Events)
  • Meg, I'm way overdue on thanking you for all the beautiful pictures you took for us. Layne hasn't liked a picture of herself since she was 5. When I asked her to pick out the family Christmas picture so she was happy with how she looked she said "mama I look great in every picture. I nearly fell over! You probably remember my big request was a family picture for Christmas. You did great. Thank You. Fondly
    Carol, the bride's mom (Planner Jenna Lam Events)
  • Dod and I both absolutely love our pictures! Somehow you managed to capture peoples real personalities in those moments where they weren’t aware of the camera at all. Those were moments we didn’t even know happened… Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us.
    - Elisabeth